SIC Analysis

Precise customer identification is made based on the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) in our databases.

What is SIC Code?

SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification. It is a system used to classify businesses into specific industries or sectors. This system allows businesses to be categorized based on their areas of operation and is used for various purposes such as economic analysis, business statistics, and industry research.

SIC is typically based on a four-digit code system that defines the business's area of operation. These codes separate businesses into general industry groups and more specific sub-sectors. Each sector is represented by a code assigned to a specific industry or service. For example, the manufacturing sector may use SIC codes ranging from 2000 to 3999, while the retail trade sector may use codes ranging from 5000 to 5999.

The SIC system provides a standard for grouping businesses with similar areas of operation. This facilitates tracking sectoral trends in economic analysis, compiling industry-specific statistics, and making comparisons. Additionally, SIC codes serve as a method for identifying and maintaining records of businesses' areas of operation.

Analysis Stages

During SIC Analysis, specific stages are followed, and the client company is informed through weekly meetings.

All standard industrial classifications that can be potential customers for the client company are identified by the commercial intelligence experts at Again Data.

An SIC analysis is initiated based on the client company's product priority ranking. Regardless of whether they import or not, all companies in the specified standard industrial classification worldwide are identified. The suitability of the identified companies as potential buyers for the client company is individually verified by an intelligence expert.

Importing companies that are individually evaluated as potential customers are reported to the client company. Depending on the client's request, Again Data establishes initial contact with importing companies and provides price quotations.

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