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Step by Step Export Model

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Determination of Target Market

By analyzing the data in world trade, we identify the most profitable and easily exportable countries. By analyzing many issues such as basic dynamics in our target market, analysis of competitor countries, customs taxes, certification needs, procedures in detail, we draw a road map that will bring you to a conclusion.

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Competitor Analysis & Identification of Customers

We enable you to reach your potential customers with our detailed sector analysis. We determine the actual exports of your global competitors using legal resources, so we present your high-potential customers who are already purchasing your products as a point-to-shoot.

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Strategic Action Plan

After identifying potential buyers in the target countries, we provide Marketing support for export, before meeting with the company, we position your company according to your potential buyers, not competitors.

Foreign Trade Intelligence System Set Up

The export success rate of the companies that we apply "Foreign Trade Intelligence System Set Up Model" is 85%. We use more than 10.000 databases for you, and we accelerate you on the way to export.

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Our Working Models

As you can benefit from our services one by one, you can get all our services with our Export Coaching model and reach export in the shortest way.

Target Market Analysis
(Does not contain actual importer list)

  • Product Analysis
  • Gtip Detection
  • Target Market Research
  • Target Market Analysis Report
Actual Importer List

  • Actual Importer List of a Country You Choose
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Identification of Potential Customers
In this study, the actual importers who import your product are reached by obtaining the bill of lading.


Export Coaching (System Establishment)
Full Support Model

  • Foreign Trade Intelligence System Establishment
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Sector Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SIC Analysis
  • Target Market, Sector, Competitor, SIC Analyse Trainings
  • Strategic Action Plan
  • Consultancy Service for 4 Months
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is target market analysis important?

Your products are currently very popular in some countries, and these countries are supplied by alternative suppliers.Target market analysis is very important in order to follow these changes instantly and to be in the right place at the right time.

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How to find an export customer?

With classical ways, methods such as Google, trade attache, yellow pages can be used. You can identify a limited number of customers from sources that your competitors can reach. Again Data can find all customers that are of interest to your industry and can be potential customers in a very short time.

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What does bill of lading data do?

Some countries share their customs records in the world. These records can be accessed legally. It is possible to determine potential customers from the actual import data realized in the bill of lading records. Again Data can follow the customs records of 163 countries.

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