Foreign Trade Intelligence Training

Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce (ETO) Academy drew attention with its 2-day training on foreign trade intelligence. The training provided comprehensive content under the leadership of Eren Erdurmuş, the General Manager of Again Data.

The training program covered various topics to explain the importance of foreign trade intelligence and develop practical skills for the participants. Key topics of the training included hyper-competition, competitive intelligence, foreign trade intelligence, big data analysis and interpretation. Additionally, subjects such as creating a target market matrix, target market analysis, strategies for finding potential customers, competitor analysis, executive intelligence, financial intelligence, and the use of trade information indexes were extensively covered. Throughout the training process, participants also engaged in practical activities such as acquiring commercial information from web sources and conducting case studies.

At the end of the training, which provided an interactive environment to meet participants' expectations and enhance their knowledge, a satisfaction survey conducted by ETO revealed a satisfaction rate of 99%. Participants expressed that they had the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from the training in practical scenarios and gained a better understanding of the importance of using intelligence in foreign trade.

ETO Academy has provided a valuable resource to its members and the business community through the training on foreign trade intelligence. The high interest and satisfaction rate among participants demonstrate the success of ETO Academy and the quality of the events organized with expert trainers. The aim is to increase Eskişehir's foreign trade potential and strengthen the ability of businesses to compete globally by organizing similar trainings in the future.

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