About Us

Again Data International Trade Consulting Ltd. Co.

Eren Erdurmus, one of Turkiye's first foreign trade intelligence experts, founded Again Data in 2020 after achieving numerous successes in the business development departments of various companies from different sectors using foreign trade intelligence methods for about 14 years.

Since its establishment, Again Data has provided consultancy to more than 150 companies with a 100% success rate. In line with its mission to maximize our country's export volume, it has also organized foreign trade intelligence seminars in Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Universities, and many other NGOs.

Our Milestones of References


Our Workflow

What do we do? How do we do it?

Precise Customer Identification

Again Data performs precise customer identification using its extensive database of over 10,000 records and internally developed software.

Decision Maker Identification

Again Data researches and identifies decision makers of potential companies (importers) identified through precise targeting, and determines their contact information.

Contacting Decision Makers

Again Data reaches out to the decision makers of targeted customers and regularly communicates the received feedback to the consulting firm.


Again Data conducts regular meetings with the client companies to provide updates on the performed work. It collaborates with the client in determining the applied methods and intelligence activities to be carried out.

Information is power in trade, but only if you know how to use it.

Cost Advantage

Knowing the real buyers of a product provides a cost advantage. Targeting specific companies rather than relying on traditional methods such as trade shows and customer visits brings success.

Time Advantage

With Trade Intelligence, you can identify all customers in your market within a few months and establish contact with them.

Target the Right Market

Not every country can sell every product in every geography. Factors such as logistics costs, tax rates, and the presence of a dominant player in the market can be analyzed with real data to identify the right target markets.

Proven Methodology

Using trade intelligence methodologies that have proven successful worldwide, especially in the People's Republic of China, is inevitable in highly competitive conditions to engage in exports or increase export rates.



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You can always contact us at +90 (216) 759 25 11 for any inquiries.