Precise Customer Identification

In today's competitive business world, it is crucial for companies aiming to export to identify the right customers and establish effective communication with them. This is where our Precise Customer Identification service comes into play, offering an ideal solution to expand your exports and seize new opportunities in the international market.

Taking the Right Steps to Expand Your Export

Using our extensive database and utilizing over 10,000 sources, we identify real and potential buyers for your product related to your export. With this database operating in 193 countries, we enable you to reach the right customers in your targeted markets.

We categorize the identified importing firms according to priority target countries. This helps you determine which countries to focus on and which customers to target. Additionally, we score these firms based on their procurement volumes with the guidance of a commercial intelligence expert, providing more precise guidance in identifying potential buyers.

We also share the contact addresses of the identified importing firms with you. This allows you to directly communicate and quickly initiate your business relationships.

We also support you during the price quotation stage. By contacting the identified importing firms, we request price quotations to purchase your client company's products. We effectively communicate on your behalf during this process and strive to obtain the best price offers.

As part of our service, we hold regular weekly meetings. In these meetings, we conduct overall situation assessments and share the actions taken with you. This helps you keep your export strategy up to date and achieve your goals.

Our Precise Customer Identification service provides you with a clear roadmap to expand your exports and identify the right buyers. With our extensive database, analytical capabilities, and expert team, we are pleased to work with you for the success of your exports.

Feel free to contact us for more information or any inquiries. We are here to help you grow your exports with the right steps!

Precise Customer Identification

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